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Primary Teaching for Mastery Embedding Work Groups 


Teaching for Mastery Embedding Work Groups are part of the continuing programme to embed the Teaching for Mastery approach. There is an expectation that all primary schools who took part in the Teaching for Mastery Work Group School programme 2018-19 will participate in this project.


The programme will focus on two key areas:

  • To embed a Teaching for Mastery approach in each classroom across the whole school
  • To secure a whole school approach to sustained change in mathematics 


For Teaching for Mastery to become embedded in schools, there is a need to provide continued support for headteachers, senior leadership teams and maths leads. Through practice-based professional development activities, focussing on the development of whole-school organisational structures and systems, subject knowledge and a shared understanding of Teaching for Mastery, schools will embed a consistent approach to TfM in every classroom supported by change to structures within the school.

Working collaboratively in this Work Group, school leaders who have already begun to develop mathematics in their schools, will show a commitment to the Teaching for Mastery approach by taking on the responsibility for embedding change across the whole school and ensuring structures in place will support continued development of mathematics now and into the future.


Schools who participate in the TfM Embedding Work Group commit to the following expectations:

  • The lead teachers will participate in the cross-school Work Group meetings (half-days) each half term
  • The lead teachers will receive release time for development work including the above meetings (min 6x ½ days)
  • The head teacher of the participating school will be committed to Teaching for Mastery
  • The headteacher will attend a Twilight Launch event on 11th September 2019
  • The headteacher will attend TRG meeting 1 to contribute to action planning and to TRG meeting 5 to contribute to evaluating impact
  • The school will seek to continue to develop Teaching for Mastery approaches across the whole school
  • The school will seek to establish school policy that allows for continued professional development of subject knowledge now and beyond
  • The school will provide any reports required by the Maths Hub and participate in any evaluation processes required
  • Adhere to the multi-step process plan as detailed in the Embedding funding plan