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NCETM Secondary Round Up
Catch up on the latest developments in the May 2024 Secondary Round Up here
  • Smoothing the transition from KS2 to KS3 - we find out how one head of department was able to support new Year 7 students to hit the ground running with KS3 maths
  • NCETM Director on maths subject associations - In his latest blog post, Charlie Stripp takes a look at maths associations and the benefits of membership
  • 60-second update - Jane Hawkins from the NCETM’s Secondary Team gives an overview of new CPD for secondary schools
  • New Maths Hubs CPD available - our comprehensive new catalogue has over 30 professional development opportunities for teachers and schools, recruiting now for 2024/25
  • Equals Conference: Access for All - the Mathematical Association’s SEND conference takes place in Coventry this September.

KS4 professional development materials now available
Two new core concepts covering ‘Using and applying numerical structure’ are ready to download


New materials to support KS4 maths teachers with their professional development and planning are now available. Following on directly from the KS3 PD materials, the KS4 materials will explore five themes in total. The first new theme – Theme 7, covering 7.1 Using structure to calculate and estimate and 7.2 Using structure to transform and evaluate expressions – is now published and ready to download.


Work with your colleagues to plan lessons and develop your own knowledge and pedagogy


Prompts for teachers to draw out mathematical thinking in KS2 or KS3 pupils





NCETM Q&C Twitter account 
Where Secondary maths teachers can find up-to-date qualifications and curriculum information all in one place !
Check out the article on NCETM  five reasons to visit the NCETM Q & C twitter account  

The three main exam boards in England give feedback on where students did well, and not so well, in the first real exams since before the pandemic