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Mastery style teaching: Microscopic Progression

Microscopic Progression (focus on written methods) based on the Shanghai principle of ‘variation’


Now updated to include a KS1 lesson

This interactive one day course will introduce attendees to the concept of ‘variation’ in written calculations. It will aid in deepening the understanding of teaching towards a mastery curriculum in Maths through microscopic progression.

This training, led by London South West Maths Hub lead James Berry, is aimed at KS1 & KS2 teaching staff, Maths coordinators and senior leaders and will provide a clear picture of the microscopic progressive steps required in order to achieve fluency in columnar written methods.

The importance of teaching variation will be demonstrated with a chance to observe a lesson and with the opportunity for attendees to return to school with a number of resources which can immediately impact the quality of teaching and learning in school. 

The outcomes of this workgroup are 2-fold:

To develop KS2/3 teachers understanding of the concepts of procedural variation, intelligent practise and microscopic progression (key elements of  a teaching for mastery approach) in relation to the teaching of formal written methods for calculating. As a result of this CPD – which includes a lesson study style lesson observation, child outcomes and standards are expected to be raised.
To develop and train future work group leads in this area in order to enhance the stretch of this programme and to work collaboratively with other hubs. 

This event has proved extremely popular with great feedback from delegates.


Friday 8th June 2018   

Time: 09:15 – 15:00

Venue: Chesterton Primary School, Dagnall Street, London, SW11 5DT

Cost: £100 (includes lunch and refreshments)

Led by: James Berry, London South West Maths Hub Lead

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