Developing Intervention for Year 3

Developing Intervention for Year 3 pupils (multiplication and division) in school developing a teaching for mastery approach


An exciting opportunity to explore a range of models of intervention in a mastery context, and identify trial and evaluate one that is appropriate for your setting.  Led by Janet Goring and Nicki Ashton, participant teachers will:

  • develop a sound understanding of what constitutes effective intervention
  • identify underlying skills and concepts to access whole class teaching on multiplication and division
  • provide swift and effective intervention
  • develop a systematic and coherent approach to enable pupils to keep up

Audience: This project is directed at schools that already have a good understanding of teaching for mastery approaches.  The maths subject leader and Year 3 teachers(s) will attend each session with the understanding that they will liaise and develop practice in school together in between the central meetings. Two delegates are required to attend from each school.  Maximum of 30 delegates from 15 schools.


  • Session 1: 29th November 2017 (13:30 – 16:30)
  • Session 2: 5th December 2017 (09:30 – 12:00)
  • Session 3: 11th January 2018 (16:15 – 17:45)
  • Session 4: 20th February 2018 (09:30 – 12:00)

Venue: Wandsworth Professional Development Centre, 3rd Floor, Building 1, Burntwood School, SW17 0AQ

Cost: FREE