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Develop mathematical subject knowledge and understand the pedagogy that underpins the teaching of it.
This project is designed to improve the subject knowledge and pedagogical knowledge for all practitioners supporting the learning of primary maths.
It supports primary Teaching Assistants who are supporting maths to develop specialist knowledge for teaching maths, to build on the primary maths National Curriculum, and to develop distinct pedagogical decision-making which will impact on their practice when supporting maths. It takes place over the equivalent of four days.
The modules are each designed to last three to four hours, but may last longer if delivered online. This programme will take place across the equivalent of four days.
What will you learn?
  • Your pupils will positively engage with maths that challenges them
  • You will identify common misconceptions and ways of addressing these to help pupils master important concepts
  • You will develop an understanding of key principles and approaches associated with teaching for mastery
Who can take part? 
These programmes are designed for primary Teaching Assistants (TAs) who would like to develop their specialist knowledge for teaching maths. This may be particularly relevant for new TAs or TAs that have not received maths-specific training.
What is the cost?
The SKTM Primary Teaching Assistant Programme is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to state-funded participating schools.
When and Where
1. Wednesday 6th December 9.30am-3pm
2. Tuesday 16th January 9.30am-3pm
3. Wednesday 28th February 9.30am-3pm
4. Wednesday 17th April 9.30am-3pm
All sessions are face to face at
The Chaucer Centre, Canterbury Rd, Morden SM4 6PX
How to apply
Please complete the online booking form to request a place.
Get in touch
Please contact us if you are interested and would like more information.